Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Human Pin Cushion

What a doozy of a day.
Luckily, we had Sheryl Alderman as our early morning Chemo date.
I couldn't have done this without her help.
 She even brought Kean a new pair of "Lightning McKean" socks
to get him through his procedures.
When they took Kean away for sedation and the MRI--
he was very brave and didn't even freak out.
 I always do (inside) a little bit... but that's probably pretty normal.
 So a few crazy things happened while he was away from his momma.
First, the Anesthesiologist  decided to start an IV on him after he was sedated via gas.
He opted to do this to avoid running the risk of introducing infection by using his port.
 I guess they got the IV going and then it failed-- so get this, they tried another four times!!
He looked like a little voodoo doll with all these pricks and dried blood!  Poor guy.
They finally ended up using his port.
Second, there was a mix up and the Chemo Kean was supposed to get in his 
spine and brain wasn't ready-- so we will go back for another procedure on Monday.
So much for me winning the battle to get both procedures done with one sedation.
Third, he shocked everyone and came out of his sedation rather quickly-- before
they had even gotten me back to the recovery room.
And our little pill was so agitated, he pulled the IV out of his hand and the port access needle
out of his chest!!!
The kid can't stand having anything, anything on him--
it is amazing we kept the oxygen monitor on his finger. 
It was quite the roller coaster day--
but geez, you'd think by now we'd be so used to those.
Here's the good news,
he's totally happy and fine tonight
and the doc called with the results of his MRI-- and it came back NORMAL!!!!
Perhaps now his primary Oncologist will put a little more weight in my theory about Kean's seizures.
P.S.  We weren't the only ones to have a traumatic day.
Poor Holland.
The mobile butcher showed up to the house early and Holland
(our tender hearted animal lover) saw the two cows just after they'd been taken down.
Let's just say there's been a lot of crying at the house tonight and a
very serious discussion about her wanting to become a Vegetarian.


Tamra Zinn said...

Oh, Lonnie! What a day! You are quite the woman....holding on to that rope! Life's experience can take a person all over the place! Elder Maxwell gave a talk in 2000 I think, quoting D&C "these things shall be for thy experience". He said the premise is that experience is GOOD and the only way we can have experience is to have it! You are having it! I'm inspired by you. Love always, aunt Tamra