Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, March 3, 2014


Wowza, what a weekend we had.
We were invited to be one of two cancer families
at Camp Rainbow Gold's gala fundraiser in Sun Valley.
First off, they put us up in the lovely Sun Valley Inn and had lots of surprises, gifts and toys
for the children waiting in our suite.
Then they asked us to join the other family in welcoming all of the guests to the 
Share Your Heart Ball.
The girls were charming and not shy at all about going up to all these
strangers in their swanky clothes and greeting them for the evening.
 Reese wasn't quite as serious about her assignment;  one minute
she'd be happily escorting some couple to the entrance for cocktails
and the silent auction-- 
and then the next, she'd be saying she was too tired to be on her feet anymore.
I think she just liked sitting by the fireplace with her pops.
 She got her second wind when we went into the dinner.
They had this pretty decked out photo booth for the guests--
let's just say the girls were frequent flyers.
Here's one of Reese with Jason Hosick one of the camp
directors (and the true and living pied piper)!
 We didn't take any pictures of the dinner.
Trust me, it was quite the shin dig.
500 people dressed to the nines-- bidding thousands and thousands 
of dollars on trips, dinners and other live auction items to help
send children with cancer and their families to camp.
I was asked to speak about Kean and how Camp Rainbow Gold
has touched our lives and helped us survive during this cancer journey.
Holland told me I couldn't embarrass her and cry
and somehow I held it together.
After my speech, the emcee asked people to get out their wallets and donate to the cause.
I was floored to see two people offer 25 thousand, another few people offer
ten grand and right on down the line.
These guests had big hearts and big wallets.
It was quite the experience.
Once it was over... the night was really just getting started.
They brought in this band from LA-- Grooveline.
And wow, you couldn't believe how many people crowded onto that dance floor.
 Reese somehow found her third wind (after taking a cat nap
under the table during dinner).
 And once again, she surprised us-- no shocked us
by shedding her shyness and not only dragging her sisters and friends
up onto the stage...
but also getting serenaded by the band.
Byron and I keep asking ourselves what happened to our child?
Who is this girl?
It was an incredible night-- nope, make that a fabulous weekend.
And the best part of it is, the organization we absolutely adore--
Camp Rainbow Gold was so honored and supported- everyone was thrilled with the sell out crowd and their generosity.  I've said this so many times-- cancer is so horribly cruel and hideously ugly
but what a beautiful ride it has been in so many ways.