Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mister Miracle Does Not Disappoint

kkkkTalk about rapid recoveries.
Kean is happy, gingerly crawling around and amazing us
with how well he's doing.
I took him off the hard stuff and as of today, he's just on Tylenol.
Perhaps, I shouldn't be so shocked.
The doctor did tell me children recover much quicker than adults.
In fact, not to throw Byron under the bus
but Dr. Ebbers said if it were my husband instead of my son getting over this surgery--
he'd be whining in bed for two weeks.
(Clearly she doesn't know my husband).
Yesterday, my friend Sheryl Alderman
dropped off a get well package for the Keanut man.
 All I can say... is there must've been some magic in that
bag... because the Cars stickers, fruit snacks, story books
puzzles and toy motorcycle sure got the boy happy and healing.
Thank you!
One final note-- I think I owe an apology to every mother in my community.
The morning we took Kean in for surgery, I guess Holland woke
up with a sore throat covered with white blisters.
While I was stuck at the hospital, my mom took her to the doctor's
where a rapid strep test came back negative.
They figured it must be a virus.
My mom took Holland to her house where after a nap, she felt fine.
And that evening (the night we were home from the hospital),
Holland came home, felt fine but stayed far away from Kean.
By Friday morning, she said she felt great and wanted to go to school.
I let her.
About an hour before she came home from school, the doctor's office
called to say the culture came back positive fro Strep.
Bad mom moment.
Here's hoping half her school isn't coming down with Strep at this moment.