Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Incredible Hulk (minus the green make-up)

5:30 a.m. came way too early this morning.
And it sure seems sick and wrong to wake a sleeping baby...
but wake we did.
And you can probably guess what we did to pass the early morning hours:
we watched Cars.
 Kim Worthen volunteered to go with us to the hospital today.
She's a brave one, I tell ya.
In case you don't know Kim, she has a son with Down's, Spencer who is six months
older than Kean.  And Spencer, his two brothers and his dad all shaved
their heads in solidarity when Kean lost his hair to Chemo last year.
Pretty cool family.
Thank heavens she came along-- we needed her muscles.
Three of us held Kean down while the nurse/tech put 27 sensors in precise places
all over his head.  I'm certain they could hear his screams on the other side of the hospital.
 In fact, my ear drums were literally vibrating.  The kid has some lungs!
And an incredible amount of energy for a sleep deprived young 'en.
 He's sporting the mummy look to keep the sensors in place.
 We kept telling him 'almost done' (though I doubt he could even hear us).
The nurse was lightning fast.
 The entire procedure was painless, the boy just hates, hates, hates
being held down.
But once she was done, he settled down-- either that or he was plum out of energy.
 He sat on my lap for the mapping of his brain waves and promptly fell asleep
while drinking some milk.
We had to wake him up for the very end -- the part where they
placed a strobe light about six inches from his face.
I'll be surprised if the mapping shows any seizure activity--
I'm still convinced it is all tied to his chemo medicine and his blood sugar levels
but we'll see.
Just trying to gather some of the puzzle pieces, right?
p.s.  so very glad today is over!!
p.p.s.  all next week we get to coast-- there's not a single medical appointment
or test scheduled!!!
p.p.s.s.  Whoopee!