Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tree Fort vs. Cougar Fort

I pulled a "I must think I'm younger than I am" stunt Friday night.
My good friend, Mary K and I got VIP passes to the Tree Fort music festival.
Over 360 bands are playing downtown Boise and we tried to hit
as many as we could Friday night.
We started out with this hard core rap band out of the Oakland area--
they had the base so loud-- it wasn't only my feet that were vibrating-- 
but my teeth.
Plus, I have to admit, it's probably since I worked in a newsroom
that I've heard that many expletives in that short of a time!
 Byron teased us that we were going out to "Cougar Fort".
What a meanie!
I'd have to say probably 80 percent of the people there were younger than us...
but we had a grand time:  listening to all kinds of music and people watching 
(I've decided that fur vests are all
the rage for men-- check out the guy below with the red sleeves-- at least he had a shirt on under his vest).
 Since we had passes that got us to the front of the lines
at every venue... we made sure to visit as many venues as we could possibly fit in-
from greasy haired grunge artists where we had a hard time deciding if the drummer
was a man or a woman, to hard core rockers... folk musicians to
Indy rock performers.  
We had a blast
but geez, my body reminded me I'm not in college anymore
and staying up half the night-- then having to get up with Kean
this morning about killed me.