Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I swear I don't make this stuff up.
I mean, who could?
We are back in the hospital and my man is in surgery.
This time, it's not Kean, it is Byron.
We thought our girls needed a nice night out... so let them plan what they wanted to do.
They opted for dinner and ice skating.
 We were having the absolute best time... 
Byron and Greer were skating and got a little off kilter.
She let go and he just fell all wrong.
 He pretty much felt his leg snap...
the fact it was all floppy didn't make us feel very hopeful.
And sure enough, a trip to the Urgent Care showed 
a spiral fracture of his Tibia  where the boot hit and a second fracture up high on his Fibula.
The doctor there splint cast it and sent us down the road to the E.R.
at the other big hospital in town.... not the one where we are considered frequent flyers
because of Kean.
We decided we might as well make ourselves known at every hospital!
 The Borup's came over and picked up the girls quite late at St. Al's E.R.
They were exhausted, emotional and tired.
Greer felt guilty for letting her dad's hand go while skating,
Holland kept wondering why Byron wasn't crying since he was in so much pain
and Reese worried about who would now take Kean for rides on the motorcycle!!!
So much for trying to take the girls out on a night to get away from all the stress and craziness.
I worry they are even more traumatized.
 Byron got to spend the night in the E.R. before heading off to surgery at eleven this morning.
I thought it was a good sign when the surgeon showed up in a Harley Davidson biker shirt.
The doc just met with me and told me he was done putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.
Wanna sneak peak of his new bionic leg?
We expect Byron to be out of here in two days.
My money is of course on one day.
But get this, the doc said he can't put ANY weight on his hurt leg for SIX WEEKS.
Trying not to freak out.
Trying to figure out what we are supposed to learn from this latest
"opportunity to learn and grow"
and trying to breathe.
Tomorrow Kean has Chemo into his brain and spine at the OTHER hospital.
Please, I'm begging any of you... wanna switch lives?


Marti said...

"I want my Moooooommmmmmy!"

Sorry, that's my entire reaction. I'm amazed at the cheerful smile on his face in the pictures. You all look like you're having a great time and then suddenly, *snap, crackle and plop!* he goes down? OH NO!

On the other hand, if you're going to have both your boys in the house for a month and a half, maybe it'll be "bonding over pain" for your guys.

Honestly, Lonni, all I can think is that this might be good for Kean to have his Dad right there, going through stuff with him. He's about the only person he's ever seen sick, isn't he?

(Just looking for the silver lining here.)

CarolF said...

I am so sorry, Lonni and Byron. Heartfelt wishes and prayers for quick recoveries for Byron and Kean.

Stephanie said...

Lonni, I swear I can hear the cranes and jackhammers and machinery from the "other side" for the mansion they're building for you guys. Holy Cow.

We love you and miss you guys. Hope Byron's leg heals quickly and that Kean's procedure goes well. Wish we were there to help you. The Simpsons