Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'll Probably Regret This...

If you had happened to drive by my house at lunchtime today, 
you'd likely swear you were watching the filming of a sitcom.
My cousin offered to take Sadie, our female cow to
his ranch where he has 6 or 7 bulls.
We are hoping this third time will be the charm
and her little romantic vacation will result in a baby calf down the road.
If you remember, we sent her to the neighbors for a long weekend
but it was a big fail.
Sadie is a woman of girth-- and I really think the neighbor's bulls
weren't quite big enough to do the deed.
Anyway, I digress.
Byron was stuck on a job and coached me on how to help
Laren, my cousin load Sadie into his trailer.
The only hitch is, when we went to get her, she had bolted over the fence and
wasn't where she was supposed to be.
Naughty girl.
You should have seen Laren pulling all approximately 1500 pounds by rope...
while I tried to entice her with a bucket of grain.
We finally got her in... not too gracefully-- but in.
And oh, my, did she kick and rebel once locked inside that trailer.
Tonight I made a royal fool of myself at a church function-- on purpose.
They did a spin off on the Hollywood Squares.
I was asked to be one of the celebrities:  "Christina Angelera"
 - notice the big, black feathery wings.
Actually, it was quite a kick.  I was in some pretty darn good company:
Mariah Caring, Beyon-say-your-prayers, Molly Parton,
Cher-Your-Testimony, Marie Osmond (as the center square), Brittany Spiritual,
Shirley-Go-To-The-Temple and Martha Stalwart.
Ellen Be Generous was the emcee.
 It was good to laugh.
Can't do that too often, can we?


The Cleggs said...

Love it! You're right--you can't laugh too often! Glad to see you take the time to play!