Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sliced, Diced and Bruised

We survived one heck of a rough day.
Perhaps, our souls are getting callouses from all these challenges.
Nevertheless, it's done.
We had to be at the hospital way too early...
thankfully, my dear friend Pam Brown went with us.
I just want to know how mother's survived hours of waiting
before they had ipads with games and Cars on them?
 The Anesthesiologist gave him a little drug to calm him before they 
took him away for the surgery and it worked like a dream.
He didn't even make a whimper when they wheeled him out of the room.
Perhaps next time they can give the mom a little of that?
 The procedure took a little less than two hours and he came out
of his anesthesia surprisingly quickly.
 Poor boy didn't want to move, eat or drink anything for a few hours...
but they did bring in the ultra cool bubble machine--
it's as big as me, projects lights onto the ceiling, has a lavender diffuser
and plays calming music.
And I have to say it worked.
He was relatively calm (as long as we didn't move him)
and the lavender smell at least covered up the hospital smell.
Kean finally drank enough without vomiting and they gave us the green light.
 He has about a 1 1/2 to 2 inch incision along his abdomen
and then incisions on each side of his scrotum.
Some of where he was circumcised had re-attached and so they
split that apart and finally, he has a bruise on his back where they gave
him a block-- to numb his little body from the waist down.
He is already quite bruised and very swollen in his 'plumbing'.
The doc said don't even fight him to keep ice packs (or frozen peas on his junk).
The good news is-- she said little kids bounce back faster than adults.
So here's hoping.
He slept all the way home in Pam's arms, and was pretty out of it
this afternoon and evening.  This is the position he was in for dinner
and the rest of the night-- well, either this or on my lap.
All I can say is thank heavens for pain meds.
He's got the feeling back in his legs and seemed to be a bit better by bedtime.
Thanks to Teresa Peery and Marcie Cook for the delicious dinner.
Kean was ravenous and ate up-- a good sign don't you think?


Tomg said...

Our oldest son, Rex, had similar operation at about Kean's age. He had nightmares after... hope that doesn't occur with Kean. Sounds like they had a cool machine for him to watch afterwards. We'll pray for quick recovery... including mom, eh.
Alooooooo-ha to all...!