Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Party Central

First off, Kean is doing great.
He looks good and he's acting good.
We are so lucky to have a boy who just plows through whatever is bothering him
and gets back to the business of being happy.
We even took him out for his first outing since his surgery-- we
celebrated Ron Moomey and Pam Brown's birthdays with dinner
and lots of desserts at the Moomey's tonight.
 Elly's five sisters leave tomorrow to go back to Holland...
so of course she had to show them her favorite tradition of
spraying the ol' can of whipping cream into the girls' mouths.
It has been party central at the Moomey's this weekend.
On Friday night, my mom took care of Kean while I went
and helped throw Elly's 50th birthday party.
Dutch traditions are hilarious.
First off, tradition holds the birthday girl throws her own party....
and my, what a party it was.
That's Elly in the picture below dressed up like the old lady.
 She wasn't the only one to dress up though...
check out her four sisters all dolled up - sitting outside the front door
to greet everyone in absolute silence.
It was a riot!
We had all kinds of fun gags and tributes inside-- I'm seriously
worried about what she will do to get me back in a few years.
 Byron and the girls showed up for the end of the party.
Greer was involved in the  Valley's regional speed jump rope championship.
Poor girl was a bit off and didn't do as well as she had hoped.
But on the bright side, since she only made it through one of the cuts,
they weren't there all night and still got to come to the party.
Finally, on Saturday, while Kean took a nap, Greer and I ran
downtown for a quick visit to the annual St. Baldrick's
hair shaving fundraiser for cancer research.
 Several of Kean's nurses and a couple doctors we know
shaved for the event-- even a young girl who is battling cancer.
They raised well over a hundred grand.  
Maybe one of these days all that money raised will
do the trick and find a cure.
Fingers crossed!