Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Make Up

Kean must have been feeling guilty for totally torpedoing
therapy last week.
Because today he was all over it, working pretty hard for Andrea
in P.T. and then killing it in O.T for Maureen, who he now calls "Mo Mo".
His giggling in this video just gets me.
Sure love it when he's feeling good.
I did, by the way, hear back from the Neurologist's office.
His EEG came back negative for any seizure disorders.
He did have some "abnormalities" but those can be explained
away by the Down's.
So another piece of the puzzle that back's up my theory.
That's the good news.
The "iffy" news is that Kean's Oncologist doesn't buy
into my theory about the Hypoglycemic seizures-- and has
ordered a sedated MRI.
So back we go on Tuesday for more fasting and more testing.
(It's also the same day Kean gets Chemo into his brain and spine-- 
so it will be a doozy of a day).
I'm trying to take the high road and not get too bugged that
the Oncologist isn't taking me as seriously as I'd like.
Instead, I'm trying to convince myself he's just being overly careful, covering all the bases
by ordering the MRI.
At least, they listened and worked it out to only sedate him once for both procedures.
That's a win.