Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cafe Frenchy's

I woke up this morning feeling highly nauseous, sweaty, crampy and all around miserable.
Don't ask me what it was... heckifIknow.
But I was worried enough to have Elly Moomey come over, get the girls off to school
and take care of Kean- while I isolated myself in my room.
Elly wins best friend in need award.
I literally slept the entire day (and feel much better).
The girls decided to surprise me with dinner-- a dinner
they brought up in courses.
 It was so funny... Reese kept coming upstairs and saying things like:
"I had this crazy thought come into my mind and I was wondering
how long to cook beans.  Not that we're making beans or anything for
you for dinner".
It was a nice "surprise".
 Kean's little body is healing up rapidly from the surgery.
Today and tonight for the first time... he climbed back into the saddle
of his Hot Wheels Harley.
One more thing, during prayers, Reese thanked Jesus
tonight for being 'one of the good guys'.
I swear, there must be a lot of laughter in heaven.