Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Summit

Today marks a huge day for the Barker's.
Are you sitting down?
We are, as of today, half way through Kean's Chemotherapy.
Part of me wants to jump for joy at this huge milestone--
but to be honest the bigger part of me is having to suppress
totally losing it at that realization that we still have such a long road ahead.
I mean, really, it is hard to believe we are only half way through.
If you want my honest opinion, I'd swear up and down that we've been in this
battle for at least ten years.
September 13, 2015 can't come soon enough.
To mark this auspicious occasion, instead of a cake
the girls and I made orange rolls-- rolls we have christened
"summit rolls".
And let me tell ya, I drowned my sorrows in them!
Meanwhile, tonight is the night we had to keep Keanut up two hours
past his bedtime.  
And I have to get him up two hours early in the morning.
He has his big neurology testing tomorrow and the instructions they
gave me called for one sleep deprived child, with a full tummy,
no naps and clean hair.
Pray the force is with me tomorrow and I can
withstand the wrath of an overly tired toddler
and not end up drooling on myself in the corner of a dark room somewhere.


Tammy Vogt said...

Prayers coming you way. You will make it... One day at a time. That being said... I totally know how you feel on this one.