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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome To Measlesland

Welcome to Measlesland.
 That’s what Jimmy Fallon jokingly renamed Disneyland.  And at the rate it is spreading (and people are being exposed) we will soon be calling every state Measlesland.
The Measles hasn’t hit Idaho yet. 
It is all around us though and that scares the breath out of me.  I’ve never cared- or shall I say judged parents in the past as to whether they chose to vaccinate or not.  I have begrudgingly vaccinated all of my children.   It’s not that I believe in the argument that vaccinations cause Autism or other developmental delays.
It is just simply, I have always struggled with having one of my tiny little babies having to get so many shots in such a short amount of time.  It just never seemed right to me.  Too much, too soon.  But after long, long discussions with our Pediatrician, I always chose to move forward, to stay on schedule.
 We are now off that schedule.  But not by choice.  When my youngest was diagnosed with cancer at age two—he could no longer get any vaccinations.  That also meant his sisters could not get any live virus shots.  Therefore, we now fall into the category of those most at risk.
I have friends who have chosen not to vaccinate.  Some of my closest friends have chosen to slow down the vaccines their children get—to make their own schedules.  And to be honest, I’ve never cared much either way.  That was there business.
But now their business has become my business—or to put it bluntly—my fear.  Last night, after watching the latest news report showing the rapid march of Measles across the country—I couldn’t sleep.  I started writing this, thinking I’d get it out of my system by putting my thoughts down on paper.  I have enough stress in my life.  I do not want to get embroiled in a debate.
Then today, my friend Stacy called from Arizona to tell me about a little girl there who is in the midst of fighting Leukemia (the same cancer my son, Kean is battling).  After leaving the hospital following her latest round of Chemo, she stopped off to have her regular blood draws taken.  A few days later, a phone call told the family she had been exposed to Measles.
That, everyone, is my nightmare come true.  I KNOW this family is already living a private hell and to then add this to the constant stress they are under.  It is not right.
 Yes, I understand there is a small population of children that can’t be vaccinated due to side effects (egg allergies etc.) but for the vast majority of non-vaxxers out there— stop and think.  Does the miniscule risk of a side effect outweigh the disease itself and its effects?  Do you think your child will develop natural immunities against all the diseases we have vaccines for (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio etc,)?  Not likely.  If your believe your child is strong enough in your mind to fight off these diseases that are preventable by a vaccine, then his or her body is strong enough to fight off the tiny amounts of dead or weakened pathogens found in the vaccines. 
Your choice to not vaccinate is not a choice for everyone.  My child can’t be vaccinated.  My child has no choice.  His immune system can’t fight off even the common cold, let alone exposure to a disease that could be and should be eradicated.

Therefore, your choice is not only exposing my child to something that could kill him or at the very least, put us back in the hospital (as if we aren’t there enough) but you also are knowingly exposing your child to childhood illnesses that are nasty to fight, have long-term health implications and at worst, can be deadly.   Is it really worth the risk? 
 I’m not asking for an argument.  I don’t want to get in the middle of this debate.  Let me repeat that, I don’t want to get into a debate.  I just want parents out there who think they are doing the right and noble thing by not getting their kid vaccinated to know what it means for a family like mine.  More stress, more measures to keep my child in a bubble and more hours spent hunkered down in our home.


mle said...

Well thought out and well-written, Lonni. I agree with everything you've said. I hope your kids weather this new storm with no problems.

Julie Overfield said...

I wholeheartedly agree, Lonni. Well said. Hugs to you.

The Cleggs said...

I totally agree and can't imagine the fear this must create for you. Even if someone doesn't want to vaccine their own, if everyone doesn't buy in--it still puts others at risk.
The other potential issue is that you don't know who your kids are going to marry someday. The HPV vaccine that teen girls can get is optional. And you might naively think it doesn't affect me because my kids aren't sexually active during their teen years. But that virus can lead to several different types of cancer. So your child might not be sexually active, but someday they might marry someone who was and contracted that virus and didn't know it. I have a family member where this is the case--now she faces abnormal pap smears and has to be watched carefully. She is at a heightened risk for cervical cancer.
Bottom line--it's not worth the risk to skip the vaccines.

Elly Moomey said...

Well said Lonni.

winky said...

Well I am not going to give my children shoots. Let me tell you another thing my kids have never gotten sick not even a cold. I also feed my kids a raw food diet. You see more and more people getting cancer today then every before. you want to know why? It is because what they are putting in there bodies. shoots and that is and pregnant mother killing there babies even before they are born. We do not go to stories to find food we grow are own food. People think that they are going to save there kids by getting them treatments they are only giving them self time. sickness is the way god kill the uprightness in the world. That is gods way. do not try to fix some thing or somebody that is not broken or another words sick. The government are all lies.