Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, February 5, 2015

While You Were Sleeping

I swear, some days I just have to say to myself
"you've got to be kidding"!
While you were sleeping, we were up all night,
bundled up, sitting outside in the cold.
I never went to bed.
Just as I was trying to doze off, I heard Kean's breathing
sounding quite labored.
Sure enough, after putting a humidifier in his room, he
woke up crying and unable to breathe.
That blasted Croup-- we are way too familiar with it.
In case you don't know, the best remedy is to sit out in the cold, moist air.
(A humid bathroom is the second option).
So out we went, and half an hour later, we called
Kean's on-call Oncologist since he still sounded quite awful.
She called the E.R. to let them know we would try and
sit outside again and if the second time didn't do the charm,
we'd be on our way.
Round two of sitting in the cold on the porch-- we got smarter
and watched Cars for over an hour and a half on the i-pad.
Here's what he sounded like just before we turned on the movie.
All that time in the cold air helped enough
to make us feel like he's be safe to go back to bed.
So we did get a few hours of sleep (a few). Ug.
What is so absolutely crazy is that he showed 
no warning signs whatsoever.
Take a look.
This is Kean right before bedtime last night.
He couldn't look or sound better!!!
So much for taking it easy and getting to bed early.
Tonight I had to take Holland to an open house on a
specialized high school she is interested in attending.
Seems like yesterday she was this little thing running around.
Can't quite get my head around the fact she will be entering
high school next fall.