Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The boys in our family finally got haircuts.
Well, for Kean, I should say, he got a real hair cut-- not my typical
hatchet job, trying to give him a trim while he squirms, lurches 
and fights me every second.
You'll notice, it took a village to hold him still and get it done.
Sara (who cuts his hair) has her own salon but does him 
in her home so we don't have to take him out.  She may look
familiar-- she's the mom of one of Kean's all-time favorite
nurses on the fourth floor (Joe).
She's the one who came up and cut his hair off a couple of years ago
when he was first so sick, in the hospital for over a month
and had matted hair on the back of his head.
We love Sara and as you can see, so does Kean.
Even though he hates getting his hair cut.
As a bonus, look what Kean surprised us all and
went and did all on his own this morning:


Tomg said...

Didn't they have to get Samson drunk to cut his hair...? Bring out the Root Beer, eh...! Kean is a lot like our 3 boys in this regard.
Tom & Annette Griffiths