Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dancing Queens

Talk about feeling like Cinderella at the ball
(especially since I got to come home today and clean house).
Last night Greer, Reese and I went to the Boise State Dance Marathon.
The Moomey's watched Kean and Byron and Holland went to 
Montana for a funeral.
Over 700 students dance for 17 hours straight to raise 
money for St. Luke's Children's Hospital.
 Even though Kean's never been able to go, he's been one of 
their honored kids for the past three years.
 The event gets bigger and bigger every year.
This year Kean was one of twelve honored children.
 And not only does it get bigger, it gets better every year.
To give you an idea, the first year they raised just over 5 grand.
Last year, it was over 35 and this year-- drum roll please--
they raised over 66 thousand dollars!!!
The afternoon started with this adorable band of siblings:
The Runaway Hamsters singing four of their original songs.
(One of them they wrote for a schoolmate battling cancer).
 Our family was asked to kick things off with a speech
about what Dance Marathon has meant to us--
which is tons.
We love everything about this night and wish we
could take you all with us to experience it first hand.
The students are so welcoming and fun to be around.
Greer and Reese get pulled in and always somehow
 end up dancing in the middle of things and making a million new fast friends.
We were also asked to give a second speech telling Kean's story.
This time we went up on stage with some of the BSU football team members.
They were one of our favorite parts about last year-- making us feel
a part of the party, so cute with the girls and dancing up a storm with Reese.
 I've decided if you ever want to feel short and tiny-- just 
stand next to these guys!
 They are the best-- not only did some of them
spend lots of time dancing with Reese, twirling her around,
teaching her how to line dance etc., 
they went up to the Honored Kids room-- the Champions Room,
to take pics, sign autographs (and get the kids autographs-- so sweet)
 and to play games with the children.
They are all pretty impressive young men.
Actually, all of the students we hobnobbed with are beyond sharp.
Nick and Sidney (below) are the two top organizers and trust me, you'll
be hearing about these two some day.
All I can say, is our future is in good hands.
 They made sure the girls had a grand time--
 We stayed as late as we dared--
let the kids dance, play games and party.
And I probably don't need to tell you-- but they passed out in the car
on the way home.
Next year we will be going for sure-- with Kean!