Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, January 31, 2015


What a treat to get out of the valley and up into the mountains-- 
to squint in the sunshine.
 Our sixteenth anniversary get away was pretty exciting for Byron
this morning.  He was in the kitchen in the cabin and saw a 
deer run full speed by the window.
He figured if it was a runnin'
something was a chasin'.
Sure enough.
He ran out the front door just in time to see a wolf
on a dead run trying to take the deer down.
Byron hollered and the deer went one way-- the wolf another.
Crazy, crazy, crazy!!!
Too bad he couldn't capture that on camera.
You'll have to settle for one of our views.
It was lovely with Lake Cascade frozen over.
 I gingerly walked on the frozen lake--
I wouldn't want to somehow fall and shatter my leg, you know.
 Byron, on the other hand, opted to re-enact
the infamous ice skating incident of 2014.
Thankfully, he didn't reenact the broken leg part.
 The kiddos did great with my mom.
Kean gave us a scare when we got home
but he's fine now.
Speaking of reenactments, since we got to go up to the mountains,
the girls had their dad light a fire in the backyard.
S'mores anyone?