Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Pap Smear and a Prayer

Today has been all about trying to keep Kean from 
being too miserable and getting him to eat something!!!
Stupid Chemo.
It stresses me out.
He did seem happier to be outside and sitting in the garage
on Byron's old tractor.
 I have purposely never taken Kean for a ride on a tractor,
motorcycle or four wheeler.
Otherwise, I'd be hounded all day every day by you know who.
 When Byron got home from work he took Kean on a real
four wheeler ride-- and look who he let drive part of the time!
 I, by the way, this afternoon had a doctor's appointment
with a new doctor for a physical and annual exam--
yes that female one.
I really, really liked the new doctor and had quite the unusual
After I got dressed, she came back in and asked if she could
say a prayer for my family.
She then held my hands and said the most beautiful prayer--
petitioning the Lord to bless my marriage, my husband, myself,
the three girls and especially Kean.
It was really sweet and the most unique doctor's visit I think I've 
ever had.
We are feeling the love.
Tonight we came home to a box full of Valentine's treats
from Grandma Kay.
 As I said, feeling the love.