Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 16, 2015

Food, Glorious Food

Kean has officially turned the corner, is feeling better,
finally going (the Miralax has kicked in) and is after days
of hardly eating--- now eating like there is no tomorrow.
Have I mentioned he has also learned how to open the refrigerator?
This was at Grandpa Bodily's the other day.
He heads in on mornings after getting the girls off on the bus and
helps himself to Grandpa's yogurt.
And nearly every morning for the past few days-- the only thing I could
get him to eat-- if that, was sausage.
So much for the "breakfast of champions"-- this is the
"breakfast of Steroids".
Tonight, though, he has entered into that power eating phase.
He ate, four, count 'em, four - adult sized bowls of homemade
chicken noodle soup, four large rolls, a plate of fruit salad and a brownie.
He then left the table, headed over to the cupboard and started
pulling out chips, popcorn and pretzels.
After grazing on those items for a while,
he moved onto an orange and a cup of chocolate milk.
The problem I'm running into here, is he has to fast for
at least an hour (preferably two) before taking his
nightly Chemo.
Heaven help us all.
Sickie update.
Byron is still down and totally out.
He did get a shower today-- so looks a bit better
but still feels rather rotten.
He's tired of his exile.
I won't humiliate him with a picture while he is feeling like
death warmed over.
You'll have to settle for me and my anti-germ mask as I helped
Sickie feed the cows.
Tomorrow Kean and I head back to the hospital for 
tests to see if his counts have risen-- and to hear their final verdict
if they want to put him on another dose of Tamiflu.
Fun times I tell you.
This all will end someday.....