Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back In Time

Want to hear something absolutely crazy?
I got a call today from the state telling me they need to test
Kean again now that he is five.
Basically, they have to make sure he is still developmentally delayed
so he still qualifies for all the therapy he gets.
What, do they think he just outgrew his Down syndrome?
And how do they expect to test him?
They want to do an IQ test.
Please tell me how they are going to do that.
What a waste of money.
How sad they have to do these things to combat all the fraud out there.
But still.....
Kean had a full house this morning.
He had Physical Therapy with Andrea and didn't really want to do anything for her
until we started getting him to play ball and run the "bases".
Then it was all fun and games. 
He also got measured for new braces for his feet/ankles
while his Occupational Therapist, Maureen tried to keep 
him busy.
He gets new braces in two weeks-- that's good-- that means
his feet have finally grown.
Now if we could get those skinny ankles to put on some weight.
And finally, while Boy Wonder napped, I got to go
down to the girls' school and speak to their publications class
about journalism.
It was great fun, telling stories, talking about writing, visuals
and even showing an old investigation from my days in L.A.
How appropriate for Throwback Thursday.
I miss this gang.