Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Weigh In

Good news to report from plague central.
Byron got out of bed for about half of the day!
He even went down to his office for paperwork for a few hours
(before coming home to crash).
But he is most definitely on the mend.
And please don't let me jinx it, but all the other Barkettes
are so far just fine.
If I had money, I think I'd invest in Tamiflu.
Had to share this cute pic of Greer.
She is auditioning for a special arts school on Saturday.
We've heard her sing "Popular" from Wicked-- oh,
about 2463, nope make that 2464 times.
 And as for the Keanut-man, he's in great form.
Mostly happy today and still eating above and beyond.
I think I failed to tell you he gained nearly a pound
in the week between doctor's appointments.
Which is all the more shocking when you realize
he would hardly eat anything for the first four days
following Chemo.
He's more than made up for the fasting-- and is now
only a few pounds shy of Reese's weight.