Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Bug

I'll spare you a running tally on the food intake today.
This picture from breakfast will give you a "taste" of
what life is like at the Barker ranch.
And I'll really spare you about his "roid rage"-- man
was he on one this evening.
 We spent half of of the day at the hospital.
Look at who saw himself on display in the lobby of
MSTI (Pediatric Oncology clinic).
 So, other than eating his way through the appointment-- here
are the cliff notes.
We had some problems getting blood out of his port for a sample.
But luckily, it worked without going through the rigmarole of
having to administer meds.
 And after his counts were so scary low last week-- they
were unbelievably high today.
From 540 to 2314.  
We all about fell out of our chairs.
The doc said we can thank the Steroids--
and that his counts should plummet again after tomorrow 
when he takes his next dose of Methotrexate.
 Kean and I also started on Tamiflu today in the hopes
of not catching Byron's plague.
We notified the girls' pediatrician and if they so much as
cross their eyes funny, they'll go on it too.
As for Sickie, we thought he was turning a corner-- he even
walked the girls (kept at a safe distance) down to their bus
this morning... but was so exhausted he went straight to bed when he got back.
He does seem a bit better but then it comes back with a vengeance.
This is one flu bug we all want to avoid.