Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, February 21, 2015


I have been stressing the past few days--
first about Holland getting into her medical high school (check)
and now about Greer auditioning and trying to get into
a special arts school.
 Today Greer sang her guts out, did scales and read music
for a small panel of judges--
something I'd never have the rocks to do.
I keep telling her just to audition was a good experience.
Unfortunately, the school doesn't have any openings.
They may, just may have some if someone moves, drops
out or changes schools (hence the auditions).
We'll see what happens.
Hoping our streak of good luck continues.
 We did get another surprise package in the mail 
from the folks who make "Joy Jars"-- it is a foundation
honoring a young girl who died of cancer.  The organization
sends out periodic packages to children in the midst of their battle
(and sometimes siblings too).
 It is such a fun pick me up.  
Kean got all kinds of things-- a fuzzy blanket, a pillow case,
toys, a water bottle, and a stuffed dog.
 Most everything has their logo on it--
Never Ever Give Up!
And we won't.