Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crackle, Pop and Counts

I swear, there is never a dull moment when we trek down
to the hospital for Chemo.
First things first though--
We got through the day.
We had a bit of trouble getting blood out of Kean's port
but our moving, dancing and contortions did the trick, thank goodness.
Julie Kingsbury was our "Chemo date" for the day.
 She was especially helpful wrangling the boy while I talked with his doctor.
Kean's counts are horrible.
The counts we watch the most-- his ability to fight off germs--
is scary low.  He's at 540 (if you remember, we could never leave
the hospital unless he was at least 500).  So we earned a trip back to the hospital
in one week to check his counts and have him checked over.
Other than that, he did great-- his Chemo went off without a hitch.
 But get this, after we finished at clinic, we headed over to the pharmacy
in the main hospital to get, you guessed it, more drugs.
As we were leaving the hospital, this pregnant lady fell down the flight of stairs 
right next to us and I'm pretty sure she broke her leg.
She was crying and saying how she heard a loud pop and couldn't move.
She was surrounded by hospital folks as we left-- and the last thing
I heard was her saying she was having some hard contractions.
Cray-zee.  Poor lady.
Kean couldn't even make it home before passing out.