Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, February 9, 2015

Special Delivery

A year and a half of work, planning and wading through red tape
is starting to come together.
Our friend, Brent Coles dropped these framed pictures
of Kean off this evening.
 You probably can't tell, but there is a short essay
at the bottom of each picture that tells Kean's story
and gives other cancer families advice on how to
survive this journey.
The extremely talented Fabiana Huffaker
did the photography- and let me tell
ya, Kean is not the easiest and most cooperative subject.
The pictures go to the hospital with us tomorrow
(Kean has Chemo)
and will be on display as we try and get
other cancer families to tell their stories
and apply to have their children as part of
our hospital "Hall of Heroes" on the pediatric oncology floor.
When Kean was first diagnosed, we spent hours circling the 
nurses desks in a little red wagon-- to try and help Kean escape the pain.
I remember it wasn't long before I'd memorized all three pieces of artwork
(and every sign from soiled linen closet to family kitchen in the area).
I also felt so terribly alone.
Hard to believe this idea that hatched clear back then-- to tell these brave stories
and to let the children and their families know they are not alone
and can do this-- is coming to fruition.