Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Practice Makes Perfect

We are all about celebrating in our neck of the woods.
Today is our neighbor, Grandpa Bodily's "38th" birthday.
We thought that sounded better than that un - dyslexic alternative.
The kids all serenaded Grandpa before school today.
 Then Kean practiced at home-- I swear about thirty times
how to say "Happy Birthday".
 He was so proud of himself
and quite the rock star today when it came to speech.
 We stretched the party out through this evening with
cake, ice cream and Kean clearly saying "Happy Birthday"
again and again.
We love these days where Kean feels good.
Can't wait to see him take off and dazzle everyone with his speech
when he's done with his Chemo!