Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


The big inside joke at our house is that with all the trials
that seem to come our way... we often feel like we are
living in a giant game of Whackamole.
Every time things settle down and we poke our heads above water:
 Case in point:
we were having a lovely, lovely evening with some friends.
They had just left when Reese came running into the house
dripping (and I mean dripping) blood from her hand.
 While we waited for the doctors to fix her up--
the whole story came out.
She was "role playing" Snow White from the movie Mirror Mirror- you know the part
where the queen disguised as an old lady offers her a slice of an apple?
Reese was living that part and sliced the apple in her hand
with a pocket knife
and voila-- she sliced up her wrist pretty good.
 The E.R. doc ended up giving her staples- not stitches.
Thankfully, it looked far worse than it really was.
(Reese told us she thought she had cut through the "vines"
-not a typo- in her hand).
 The good news-- shortest E.R. trip ever.  I think about 2 hours.
And Reese has the softest, cuddliest teddy bear as a reminder
to be safe!
And get this, we came home to Greer and Holland having done the dishes,
cleaned up the blood, put Kean to bed and made a gift box and get well card
for the little patient!


Tamra Zinn said...

100% survival so far:)....which is always quite amazing! I am so sorry for Reese....and you. You are one amazing woman! Tell Greer and Holland i love them.