Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Real Whackamoles of Eagle, Idaho

Oh the joys of being a mother-- an old one at that.
I'm Tired with a capital T.
Two nights of no sleep are taking a toll.
But... good news to report this evening-- Kean is finally doing a bit
better.  After peaking at 104 degrees, his fever is right around 100 now.
And somehow, we totally lucked out and got the one Pediatric
Oncologist on call who is the most liberal of the group and
feels a child is always better at home than in the hospital
unless the case is quite serious.  So he let us sweat this one out at our place
rather than the hospital aka the torture chamber.
If Kean's fever goes back over 101 then it is back to the hospital
for another high dose of Antibiotics.
We are hoping, of course, that won't happen.
Meanwhile, the birthday party is still on hold.
He did open two of his gifts last night-- this very special
homemade blanket Reese made out of cardboard and bubble wrap.
Did you know it can fold up and go anywhere?
And if that's not funny enough, look what my mom bought him--
well before I posted the other night that we feel like our family
is living in a Whack-a-mole game!
Once he starts feeling better-- past the just sit and have mom
hold him while he whines stage-- this will be fun for
ALL OF US to bang on!