Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 10, 2014

The E.R. Un-birthday

I guess I can think of worse things than spending five hours in the Emergency Room
on Kean's fifth birthday.
In fact, Byron said it is fitting that Kean - on his birthday - is
back at the hospital where he was born.
Greer went with me and was a wonderful help.
Here she is coloring a Happy Birthday sign the nurse made for Kean.
They also gave him a little stuffed horse, we named Reba.
 We thought he was going to be admitted right up to the very end.
He has a strange little fleshy bump on his back.
You know how the lower part of your spine has these bumps
from your spinal cord?  He has one up top that looks just like
one of those.  They thought it was some kind of infection or abscess
but the Ultrasound just showed a thickening but no infection.
His counts were okay-- good on the Neutrophil but his white blood cells are low-
but not low enough to make us stay.
An X-Ray showed a haziness in his lungs- they think a viral infection
or maybe the starts of Pneumonia.
So they loaded him up with antibiotics and IV fluids
and let us escape.
Poor boy was so tuckered out by the end of the ordeal
he almost slept through the  deaccessing of his port.
But that woke him up.
 We are just thrilled to be home.
The small family birthday party will have to wait.
Greer and I got started on the cake--
it is in the freezer awaiting frosting and
awaiting a boy to feel much, much better.
If you squint your eyes and cock your head to the side--
it kinda looks like a motorcycle, doesn't it?


Aunt Pam said...

I think it's a perfect cake for perfect little boy. xo