Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, August 2, 2014


It is official, Reese is the newest member of The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saint's Eagle 8th Ward.
Today she chose to be baptized.
 Here is a picture of Byron and Reese standing in front of the 
baptismal font before they changed into their clothes.
 I just thought this was awfully sweet.
 Reese confided she was quite nervous but you'd never know it.
 Byron baptized her and it was perfect.
Afterwards, we all gathered for her to be
confirmed a member of the church and to
receive in a blessing by her father
the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
We believe that when you are baptized you then
are entitled if worthy, to be prompted and receive
guidance by the spirit to make the right choices
and be protected throughout your life.
To receive that blessing, her father is joined by other
men who hold the priesthood in our church to gather in a circle
around Reese as Byron said the prayer.
Just look at how many friends were there to share in Reese's special day.
 Our entire family felt very loved today
since we had so many dear to us and dear to Reese
come to the Baptism.... including Byron's mom, Grandma Kay.
I'll try and get a better picture of Reese in her special dress
tomorrow before church-- but she picked out the fabric and 
designed it with her Grammy-- and then my mom made it.
Reesey looked beautiful.
Then of course we went back to the house
for ice cream...
 and yep, you guessed it:  fresh blackberries
to share with those we love dearly.
It was a great day.


Marti said...

Congrats Reese! You're all grown up and accountable now! (The "accountable" is the BIG part, right?)

Aunt Pam said...

This was such a special day. I love you Reese. So happy to be a part of your day. xo Aunt Pam