Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From Down Under

Kean got a belated birthday box in the mail.
And I don't know who was more excited-- the boy or his gaggle of sisters.
 The box was from his runner, Clair and her family.
Clair is a pediatrician in Lexington, Kentucky who was
paired with the Keanut man as part of a Facebook
organization called I RUN 4.
Since Kean doesn't run (let alone walk)-- Clair runs for him
almost daily and once in a while participates in marathons and races.
She sent him a medal from her latest race.
He's getting quite the collection.
She also sent all kinds of goodies and gifts--
a few favorites?  Hats for the girls from Australia
where Clair is originally from.
And this little guy--
a fighter she said-- for our fighter!!


Aunt Pam said...

How cute is that!