Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 21, 2014


I'm so proud of my little guy.
In spite of having heavy Chemo on Tuesday
and in spite of his feet bothering him from the drugs,
he gave us a Herculean effort today for physical therapy.
 He walked up and down Grandpa Bodily's 
drive way... not once but twice.
This follows yesterday when I could hardly
get him to even use his feet!
I guess that just shows us how badly he wanted
to ride with Grandpa Bodily!
 Our sweet girls (and neighbor Jaymie) surprised
us by making dinner tonight and then serving us outside
on the lawn.
 We are pretty spoiled, if I do say so.
Speaking of spoiled, I have to record this (for my shoddy memory).
We've been having some problems with the Chemo Kean takes
nightly.  It has been clumping up.  We spent nearly an hour
yesterday waiting at the hospital to pick up this latest bottle.
Finally, the pharmacist came out and said she wasn't happy
with how it was turning out (it is a complicated process
of breaking the Chemo down from pill form to liquid).
So she was going to have to re-order and start all over again.
Get this, the pharmacist didn't want me to have to drive clear
across town again, so she offered to meet me near my home
on her way home from work.
I have decided there are a lot more good people
in this world than there are bad.
We sure have met some of the kindest.


Teresa said...

This makes me so happy, Lonni! When I read your posts, I just wish I lived closer to help. Your little Kean is such a miracle boy, and I love reading about the miracles that are happening. I love that people are so kind and helpful.

LoriRenn said...

So sweet. Love it.