Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Double Feature

Just what the doctor ordered-- well, at least in my dreams....
a nice, quiet get-a-way from all the stress and pressure
that has taken over our lives the past few weeks!
We all headed up to the Bodily's cabin (with our dear friends
the Moomey's) for the weekend.
We ate way too much and relaxed while the girls
tore up the beach and the lake.
Kean, who can't get near the lake water, kept all of us
entertained getting Pete, the dog to play fetch.
 We figured all that getting up and down on the bench to throw
the ball was the best therapy for those skinny little ankles.
Plus, it was pretty darn entertaining!
I was so relaxed, I hardly took any pictures-- except
for the traditional whipped cream mouth squirts!
This is all Elly's doing!
 Honestly, I don't think my girls know that canned whipped
cream is supposed to go on food and not straight to the mouth!
 And clearly, it is never too early to start the whipped cream
etiquette training!
I expect Kean will be as addicted to this little ritual as the girls.