Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Another rough night for out little man.  Not only did he start with the fevers
again... but he was quite lethargic most of the morning.
 However,  and this is big-- about an hour after he woke up
from his nap, he started to perk up and even got down on the floor
to play with one of his favorite. cars.
Ladies and gentlemen... I think we are headed in the right
direction and life may just get back to our crazy version of normal!!!
Meanwhile, I did sneak out with Reese to the doctor's
to get her staples taken out.
 She was quite brave and only cried over one staple that
was a bit stubborn in letting go and saying goodbye.
Here's hoping we are saying goodbye for a long, long time
to all these doctors offices, hospitals and Emergency Rooms.
Okay, well, at least until next Tuesday when Kean has heavy Chemo.
But we'll take that one-- it is scheduled and on the calendar!