Reincarnated As A Mother

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Belated Birthday

Great news!  Kean finally felt good enough to celebrate his 5th birthday.
I'm still having a hard time he is the big five.
Greer helped me decorate the sacred motorcycle cake.
 It is certainly nothing professional but Kean seemed
to know that it was a "cycle, cycle, cycle" cake-
and truly, he's the only critic we were worried about.
 We had a small gathering... my family, the Moomey's, 
the Bodily's and Kean's favorite therapist:  Momma Gump
and her husband, Jim.
Kean didn't quite get the blowing out thang...
but his sisters sure did and were more than willing to help.
 He kind of got into the presents and opening of cards...
 especially the two pounds of bacon the Bodily's brought him
 He was most spell bound by a card from the Moomey's
that made truck sounds.
His rough start to his birthday turned out quite sweet.
Probably too sweet with all that cake and ice cream.
We're just glad he's back to his snarky old self.
Did I tell you his new favorite word is NO?