Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cancer Still Sucks

Today was hospital Chemo day...
and somehow, once again, we got through it.
Lucky for us, we had Elly Moomey along as our date
and a bonus-- Reese came too.
 It's always a long day.
Between vitals, blood draws for counts, a thorough meeting with his
 and then the waiting for and the getting of the Chemo
and the picking up of his meds.
But Reese helped out with feeding Kean lots of crushed ice
(the hospital has the best), snacks, making crafts and of course,
watching Frozen.
Kean looks good (except for his counts being really low)...
a huge difference from last week when he was so sick
and lethargic.
 The saddest thing was when I was waiting at the hospital pharmacy
to pick up this week's meds and ran into one of his cancer nurses--
dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.
She was off-- there to pick up her own medications.
As we waited (forever) she told me she has just been diagnosed
with lung cancer - (and may I point out, never smoked a day in her life).
So scary, so sad and yes, let's all repeat together how much we hate cancer!!!
We hope to see her back sometime in 2015.
On a much brighter note, Motorcycle Jeff came by
to help Kean forget about all the junk they put in his body today.
He was much happier this evening after that wonderful ride!