Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sister Wives?

Okay, just because I'm Mormon, don't read anything into this
(and I can't believe I'm  actually writing this).
But I can kind of see one of the benefits of Polygamy.
My dear friend Pam Brown came over this morning
and not only helped us pick 30 gallons of blackberries,
helped me clean my house for company
but also took Kean to horse therapy so I could keep
Look at this sweet face- one happy boy on his way home from
riding Miss Reba.
 And look at the happy, smiling face of Reba!
Kean's horse therapist sent this to me to say
how much she (actually both Candice and the horse)
like Friday mornings with the Keanut man.
Big smiles all around.