Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Critics

Aw you should have seen me singing, dancing and tickling Kean
on the way home from his little therapy school today.
The antics of trying to keep him awake would rival any
Broadway play (off, off, off Broadway that is)!
He was one pooped little trooper.
 You'd never know he got a nap this afternoon because he 
was quite the pill.
He even got put into time out after biting Holland hard
on her finger.
Grudges don't hold water when it comes to this little guy.
Hottie and her side kick were buddies again macking on
popcorn as we watched the movie "Heaven Is For Real".
We all gave it two thumbs up.


Gina Johnson said...

As a mother of seven adorable (now grown) children, including a son David (30) your story melts my heart. I am also the founder of Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona, the charitable nonprofit that serves all families in Arizona lucky enough to have a child with Down syndrome. I am also a convert of a mere 40 years to the faith you so beautifully live. Thank you for the love you bring to our world. Recently I hired a friend (Carol Emmett) to work with me and she told me about you. I read your story and my heart is so full. Thank you for loving your amazing little boy and thank you for letting the world know that truly Heavenly Father is there for us, even when times feel hard. Your children are adorable. I wish I could have known you when you lived her. Please check out the cutest kids ever at Also I am on FB with the name of Gina Campbell Johnson. God bless you dear mother, you are truly a gift to our world. Love, Gina Johnson (aka David's Mom)