Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mister Miserable

Long day for the Keanut man.
He started out "partly cloudy" but perked right up just in time for
the lady from Farmer's Insurance to come by and drop off some papers.
Get this, they don't want to give us much for my mangled car
but they want to give us a little for the stress and worry over Kean
to make sure his port was not damaged.
I'm not quite sure what to think.
By this afternoon, after his nap, our boy was quite miserable.
Who knows what's causing it.
But he is back on those lovely steroids.
Hopefully, we'll have a non eventful (interpret as no trips to the E.R.)
kind of weekend. 
 Oh, by the way, we have enough candy to service a small country.
This is Reese and Greer's haul -- only.
Holland's is in her room somewhere.