Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

W. W. F.

Oh, you should've been a fly on the wall at our house this morning.
It took, three, yep, count 'em, three of us to hold down Kean to put
the numbing cream on his port for Chemo.
Even with that, I still got the stuff all over my arm, hand and his shirt.
Once we got through that, he was in fine spirits.
We ran into some of our favorites, Amy and Audrey Benson-- but just
look at that scoundrel-- he wouldn't give sweet little Audrey the time of day.
He was way too excited over a book on-- yes, you know, Cars.
 Get this, at vitals, we learned Kean has gained nearly two pounds and grown two centimeters.
That surprised me with all the days and meals he refuses to eat anything.
Guess enough is getting down and staying down!
Elly Moomey was our Chemo date for the day.
What a relief to have her along-- she's been with us so many times
and was with us the dreaded first day when this crazy journey started for us.
Just look at him-- totally happy and comfy with the nurses who are about to access his port.
(I like to call this picture The 3rd Boob).
 We sure love all the nurses and therapists who try to keep things fun and entertaining.
Kean even had a special visitor while he was getting his Chemo.
Meet Lucy Mae.
Kean greeted him with a ruff, ruff.
For the most part, Kean's holding strong and feeling pretty good.
Although, we've had some pretty horrific diapers-- so bad, I just threw his undershirt away-- ug.
He started back on Steroids this evening.
So not my favorite.
I'm bracing myself.
The girls sure picked things up this evening by decorating giant gingerbread men.
Greer even made one special for Kean-- that had a motorcycle on it!!!
Too bad it will get eaten.