Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, November 18, 2013

Perfect Timing

Kean had his school therapy again today (Jump Start)
and did better than the Steroid nightmare day two weeks ago.
They did say they are having to work with him on not grabbing at the other three children
(they are trying to teach him to wave instead).
For the sake of the other children, let's hope he's a fast learner.
 We had "Family Home Evening" tonight... where we spend time-- just us
and usually have a little spiritual lesson and play a game.
Well, at least that's what we try to attempt.
Greer was in charge of teaching us tonight.
She gave a sweet little lesson on how we can always turn to the Lord
and He will answer our prayers.
Reese was in charge of the singing time.
Holland dressed her in one of her dresses- 'so she'd look like
one of the ladies at church that leads the music'.
Actually, the subject matter of the lesson couldn't have been more appropriate.
We got miraculous news today--
my cousin's husband who has been battling Leukemia and had a very dire prognosis
has been told that his cancer has gone from being non-responsive to now looking like
he "may have just beat this".
And if that is not miracle enough, we also got news today, that my mom's
beloved neighbor, Janice will be coming home this Saturday!!!
She has been gone for months getting "last ditch" treatment in Ohio
after our two hospitals here said they could do no more to help her with her cancer.
Other than having some issues with her wounds still needing to heal, she is doing
much better.  We can't wait to see her and oh, are we feeling grateful tonight!