Reincarnated As A Mother

Monday, November 11, 2013

Star Pupil

First things first.  Kean had school again today.
After last week's debacle, yes, okay, I admit it, I was quite nervous
about his behavior today.
But our boy did not let us down.
When I picked him up, he was all smiles.
In fact, one of the therapists who worked with him last week (well, perhaps, I should say attempted)
and worked with him today-- said it was like night and day.
Yup, that's Steroids for you.
As I said, he's back.
And today, he even played with another child.
That's huge progress.  I'm so excited.
As you know, it was also Veteran's Day today.
The girls' school had an assembly to honor the children's relatives who have served.
Since my dad served in the Army, the three girls got pulled out of class
and got to go the assembly with their grandpa.
They had a slide show they put together
which included these pictures of my pops. 
 That's him in the center.  (Love the Stalag sign above him).
Happy Veteran's Day and thank you to all those who have served and continue to serve us... especially
my dad, my great grandfather and Byron's father.  Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
p.s.  thank you for all the kind comments about Greer.  I told Greer about them tonight and she sure seemed touched.
I think she is so kind and sweet-- she sometimes just gets taken advantage of.
That's why we'll be arranging her marriage someday!!!