Reincarnated As A Mother

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Bear on the Hog

Okay, okay, so Byron's old motorcycle from his younger years isn't a Harley...
but to Kean it might as well be the baddest cycle in the world.
 It has gotten down right chilly here so the "cycle ride, cycle ride, cycle ride"
(that's what Kean says at least 80 times a day)... have been rather sparse lately.
But tonight, Byron bundled the boy up and took him for a slow spin.
 Please take note of the socks on his hands.
I had taken Holland to see the new Hunger Games movie
and Byron couldn't find where I keep Kean's "stuff"-- so he made do.
 I don't think the socks took any of his focus away-- he's serious about this road warrior stuff.
You have to admit that bear hat makes him look pretty tough.
Perhaps we should let him start his own motorcycle gang.
We gotta find the perfect name for it though...