Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Proposition For Ya...

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine who has a son with some pretty serious medical issues
suggested I join a group on Facebook called I Run For Michael.
Basically, it is an organization that matches runners from all over the world with
children (special needs and those with medical challenges).
I guess there is a long list of runners and a shorter list of children.
So we were matched within a few days of signing up.
Our new forever friend is Clair Palley-- a pediatrician out of Kentucky.
She regularly runs on behalf of the Keanut Man-- since he can't run himself.
On her first day, she sent us pictures of the cows in the frosted fields
that watched her as she pounded out the miles.
You can't imagine how much we look forward to her daily posts
and hearing about her efforts on Kean's behalf.
Here's what she sent us at 4 a.m. our time.
Clair wrote: "Good morning Kean! We had a great exercise class this morning. You pushed me through some of the tough parts (I pretended you were Lightning McQueen chasing me)! Did you get to go to school this week? Have a wonderful Tuesday!"
So if you are a runner (you don't need to be hard core-- just have a big heart)
or if you have a child who can't run like other children--
check this out!
p.s.  Clair-  Kean was a real pill at school.  He threw a fit in circle time so they pulled him out and tried to
work with him one on one.  Unfortunately, Kean wasn't up for that either and tossed just about every toy they gave him.
Told you those Steroids bring out the brutal in the boy.
Thankfully, they are wearing off.  He was only about 40 percent onery today.