Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Back to Back

First off, Kean is back.
Our Kean-- not his evil twin.
The Steroids are officially gone-- big sigh.
My parents are also back.
My mom figured she's been gone for the past six Sundays.
Insert another big sigh that they are home.
And just lookey at what Grammy brought back for the Keanut man--
his very own Cars backpack to take to his new therapy school.

A little heartbreak for our sweet Greer tonight.
Her best friend in the world moved to California over the summer
and the remaining girls in her class are not being very nice--
including girls she has been friends with for years.
Poor thing, just sobbed and sobbed tonight.
This is when, as a mom, you feel so utterly helpless.
And a little bit tempted to go chew out a group of girls at school.


Joseph and Kamber said...

Good thing she has awesome sisters.

Vanessa said...

Poor Greer! Kids can be so mean. She is the sweetest, cutest girl. Those girls in her class don't know what a fun, sweet, bubbly friend they're missing out on.