Reincarnated As A Mother

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Virtual Hugs

It may sound like a little thing, but for some reason, this gesture has been
sweetly significant to us.
I've already mentioned that a friend asked us to sign up for the
I RUN 4 group on facebook
In short, it's an organization that pairs together special needs kids
with runners (or anyone who regularly gets out there and is active) around the world.
There's a shortage of children to match with the long list of runners.
So we were matched within a few days of signing up.
And we love, love, love our new friend-- Clair in Lexington.
Each day she runs or exercises, she sends us the most encouraging notes.
This picture she posted was especially sweet-- as
I struggle each day to get Kean to try and walk. 
It seems we will just be making great progress and then he shuts down
and fights the use of his feet.
Sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't.
One of the Chemo drugs he takes (thankfully only once a month) gives
him pins and needles in his feet-- so I try not to get too frustrated.
But with a non-verbal kiddo-- it's hard to know how he's feeling.
Anyway, these daily missiles from our new friend in Kentucky
have meant so much.
And in honor of "National Hug a Runner" day--
here's your hug!