Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Torture Chamber

Just look at this face.
Who'd ever guess he was a holy terror today.
 He started the morning being an absolute pill for his Speech Therapist, Clair--
so I knew things were not going to be easy for his big hearing test today.
And I was partly right.
Let me set the stage-- we go into this sound booth-- I'm certain Kean
would call it the torture chamber, where I hold him on my lap-- hold being
the important word here.
They stick these sensors into his ears and then I have to keep his
lightning fast hands from yanking them out-- so I'm basically
holding him in lock down-- which he hates!
 The doc outside the booth plays sounds at different tones and levels
and the idea is-- if he hears the sound, he is supposed to look at a screen 
on his far right.
If he looks, the screen lights up with a dancing cartoon.
Needless to say, he was not too cooperative.
He screamed at the other doctor kneeling in front of him trying to get him to participate.
It was ugly.
He was much, much happier on the floor outside the booth
(without his mom acting like a human straight jacket).
The good news is... the doc thinks she got enough to
make the test work.
The bad news is, he still needs that dang hearing aid in his right ear.
Silly me.  I was hoping for a miracle.
I don't know who hates that thing more-- me or him.