Reincarnated As A Mother

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Healing Heart

Well, this silly old blog has finally done some good.
The young lady at school that has been not the kindest to Greer of late...
came up to her today, told Greer she had "read her mother's blog and
figured that she was the one who needed to apologize". 
What a bold move!  Greer came home on cloud nine.
She said this girl was so kind and nice.
I'm crossing my fingers it will last and we've turned a corner.
Perhaps, we'll see more dancing from her
and less crying now.
One final note on this whole girly business...
one of our neighbors, Marissa read about Greer on the blog too.
She's the same age and called tonight to say she had
a similar experience at her school and "knows just how you feel".
She called to make sure Greer was okay.
Seems like we have to learn the same lesson over and over again
that every time something bad happens - there is always something
very, very good that comes out of it.