Reincarnated As A Mother

Friday, November 22, 2013

Land Locked

What kind hearted little girls I have.
Reese has been doing a "Pioneer Unit" at school this week--
today they hand churned butter and made yarn dolls.
She made a boy yarn doll and brought it home for Kean.
Not sure if he appreciated it as much as I did.
 Greer and Reese have been entertaining us as they surf the wild waves here in Idaho--
Please take note of Reese's arm stuffed down her shirt.
She likes to channel the girl from Soul Surfer who lost her arm to a shark.
(Hey, better to pretend to be her than a lot of other so-called role models out there).
On the dad- news front, they met with another doctor today, his primary.
Looks like he'll be meeting with the Cancer Plastic Surgeon on Dec. 2nd.
With the Thanksgiving holiday, that's as soon as they could get him in.
The doc today said it looks like it is Squamous Carcinoma and they should
be able to get it all out with surgery-- hopefully.
So that's good news-- and looks like we'll all be together for Thanksgiving after all.
Another big reason to be thankful.