Reincarnated As A Mother

Sunday, August 2, 2015

When Cancer Doesn't Totally Suck!

I have said over and over again the past three plus
years have been the most agonizing and brutal of our life--
but also, the most beautiful and tender.
Because of Kean, because of his cancer and Baldapalooza
I have been emailing back and forth with the manager of
Imagine Dragons;  Mac Reynolds.
As successful as they are, he excels in the kindness category.
He and his band clearly have big hearts.
(They actually have a foundation that helps families
dealing with childhood cancer-- this video gives you an idea
of what caliber of men make up this band):
Mac offered our family tickets in their friends and family 
section for the Dragon's final concert of their American tour.
We were quite spoiled with VIP parking
(I've never parked so close at a concert in my life).
 Obviously, we couldn't bring Kean.
Which is quite sad, in that because of him fighting cancer,
we got this opportunity.
But he got to stay home and get spoiled by his "Aunt" Pam.
The rest of us were wowed with our seats...
 and wowed by the incredible show.
 That is, all of us, except for Reese.
She fell asleep during the second opening band
(first Halsey and then Metric).
Man, she must have been tired to zonk with that loud of music
shaking our chairs.
She did wake up enough to see a good 20 minutes of Dan Reynolds
and the boys dazzle the arena.
 It was such a treat.  
We feel very spoiled.